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SCRPA History

SCRPA History


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In November of 1945 at the Recreation Institute, sponsored by the South Carolina Conference of Social Work, the South Carolina Recreation Society was organized with Mr. William H. Harth being elected as Chairman.

In the Spring of 1946, Mr. Harth still vitally interested in a South Carolina recreation society, solicited the help of Dr. Harold Meyer of North Carolina.  Dr. Meyer came to Columbia and discussed with the following interested persons, the Hows' and Whys ' of establishing a society. These persons were Mr. Harth, Mrs. Edna Gentry, Mrs. Mary Alva Roof, Mrs. Christine Ruff, Miss Louise Gayle, all of which were from Columbia, Mr. Art Jones of North Carolina, Mr. Oka Hester and Mr. Charles Graves both from the State of Georgia.  These individuals are known as the founders of our Society.
These founders of the Society decided to have an organization meeting to further the goals of recreation. All State Recreation Directors and their supervisory staffs were invited.  Also represented were the State Forestry Commission, Girls Scout and YMCA groups making a total of 70 present. From this group of recreators plans were formulated for a recreation clinic to be held in November 1946 to invite and further encourage others to join the proposed society. 
A slate of officers was proposed to be presented at the November clinic as follows: Mr. W. H. Harth of Columbia as President, Miss Virginia Proyty of Charleston as Vice-President, Miss Adele Minahan of Columbia as Secretary, Galen Elliot of Lancaster as Treasurer, and Mrs. Mary Alva Roof of Columbia as Program Chairman.
At the state wide recreation clinic, sponsored by the Columbia Recreation Department November 13th and 14th, all mayors throughout the State were invited to attend as well as all leadership on the various recreation programs. To further the membership in the society; churches, industrial, military and sponsoring groups were also invited to attend. The hard work of our founders in sponsoring the first endeavor reaped its reward as a total of 159 responded. At closing session, Mr. Galen Elliot proposed that a State wide Recreation Society be organized and presented a Constitution and By-Laws which were adopted. The South Carolina Recreation Society became the South Carolina Recreation and Park Society. Former Senator James. H. Hammond presided.
[This section of history of the organization verified by Mrs. Christine Ruff and Miss Louise Gayle, two of the founders of the South Carolina Recreation Association November, 1965.]
On February 21, 1955 the South Carolina Recreation Society was incorporated. With the growth of the Association and many Special Events sponsored by the Society the need for incorporation as an organization was apparent. Through the effort of President William Moore, Mr. George Drawdy,and Mrs. Elizabeth Rame this was accomplished at no cost to the Society. Since there was no legal authorization for the being of the Society, the incorporation gave some protection to its individual members, "To unite in one organization of all recreation leaders in South Carolina to foster and maintain high standards of the professional qualification training and ethic, to improve and expand recreation and to promote desirable recreation legislation, to function in such a manner as will further the interests of the recreation, movement and it personnel in South Carolina."
On June 5th, 1968 the name of the Society was changed to read, The South Carolina Recreation and Park Society, with the names of Paul K. Fuller, Ben Boozer, Joe Beam, Nola Spain and Tony Orsini appearing on the new certificate. This change was made in order to conform with the National Recreation and Park Association.
To the pioneers in the field of recreation, the people of the State of South Carolina are grateful.  Their contributions will long be remembered.
W. H. Hearth - Columbia
Miss Corrinne Jones - Columbia
Herman F. A. Lange - Columbia
C. West Jacocks - Columbia
Mrs. Mary Alva Roof - Columbia
Daniel H. Jones - North Charleston
The Society has been a contributing factor in public and private recreation in South Carolina, a guiding influence in the lives of thousands of youngsters and adults alike. To answer the question, What is Recreation?, is simple. Recreation is something no one can do without, a vital part of people doing every day living.
[ The History of the South Carolina Recreation and Park Society was complied November of 1965 by Eleanor Nibler, Historian.]
In1988 , the Society's name was changed to the South Carolina Recreation and Parks Association.
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